How do I test an email before sending it to my mailing list?

It is always a good idea to test your e-newsletter by sending it to yourself before sending it out to your list.

  1. In the EMS software, select from the pull-down menu “Manage Messages | Send Email
  2. In the “Select Newsletter List” drop down, select the appropriate newsletter list.
  3. In the “Select Newsletter” dropdown, select the Newsletter you just created.
  4. From the “Recipients” dropdown, select “Individual Subscriber All Formats for Testing“.
  5. In the “Recipient Email Address” field enter your own email address.
  6. Click “Send Newsletter“. You will see a confirmation message that the email has been sent and you will shortly receive the email.

When you receive the email in your inbox, check that you can see all of the graphics and check all of the links by clicking on each one.


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