How do I send an e-Newsletter?

Once you have sent yourself a test email and are ready to send out your e-newsletter, follow these steps:

  1. In the EMS software, select from the pull-down menu “Manage Messages | Send Email
  2. In the “Select Newsletter List” drop down, select the appropriate newsletter list.
  3. In the “Select Newsletter” dropdown, select the Newsletter you just created.
  4. From the “Recipients” dropdown, select “All Subscribers“.
  5. You can disregard the Delivery Filtering Options.
  6. Check that the “subject line” and “campaign name for reporting” are the same.  They should both represent the subject line you want sent out with your e-newsletter.
  7. Check that in the “Reply To Email Address” field, the appropriate reply email address is entered.
  8. In the “From Name” field, check that the appropriate name is entered.
  9. By default, the EMS sends out your e-Newsletter as soon as possible.  If you would like schedule the date and time that the e-Newsletter is sent out, select the date and time from the drop down menus.  Please note that the time is based on Eastern Standard Time.  To find out what time it is in Eastern Standard Time, click here.
  10. Make sure the checkbox beside the message “Send Text version of newsletter along with the HTML version in case the subscribers mail client doesn’t support HTML IS checked.
  11. Click the “Send Newsletter” button. You will see a confirmation message that the emails has been added to the queue. The message will be sent as soon as possible.


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