How do I import subscriber data from Excel? (multiple columns)

If you would like to import subscriber data into the EMS from Microsoft Excel, follow these steps.

***Please note***
– Importing in this way will make sure that the subscriber list is checked against the opt out list and any duplicate email addresses will be removed.

  – Ensure that the Excel file is saved as a .xls

1. In the Launchbox EMS, go to “System Admin > Email Lists > Import Subscribers”

​2. In the drop down, select “Upload Database to Import

​3. When prompted to “Select Database“, browse and select the Excel file you want to upload.  Click Next.

4. Then “Select a Table“.  A table is the name of the specific table within the Excel document. This is usually found in a tab at the bottom of the Excel screen.  The Table Name cannot have spaces or special characters.

5. In the blue boxes below, please select yes or no whether you want to import that field (column), then select the database field name from your document.  This is the name of the column header in Excel.  The email field is mandatory all others are not. Typically you can ignore Pasword and Subscription Date.

6. Scroll below to select the appropriate Subscriber List where you want to import the subscribers to.

7. The next set of checkbox and questions are already set to the default parameters. So no changes are required. Only change these if necessary and you understand what you are doing.

8. Click the “Perform Import” button.  Please be patient as it may take a few minutes to import your list.

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