How do I import both names and email addresses from Excel?

If you would like to import names and email addresses into the EMS from Microsoft Excel, follow these steps.

1. In the Launchbox EMS, go to “Subscribers > Add Subscribers”

2. Select Email Separator as “Carriage Return/Line Feed (CRLF)“.

3. Open the Excel document and copy the content from the columns.

4. Paste the names and email addresses in the Email Addresses field.

5. Check the List Includes Name Field checkbox

6. In the Name Field Separator drop down select the appropriate option:

If it looks like this….
Choose this….
First Name, Last Name, Email Address
Comma Delimited
First Name Last Name  Email Address
Space Delimited
First Name     Last Name     Email
Tab Delimited

7. Under Subscriber Lists, check the appropriate mailing list/s checkboxes.

8. Click the “Add Subscribers” button. You will receive confirmation that the addresses have been added.


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