How do I embed my subscribe form into my Facebook account…..

It is only a few simple steps to embed your subscribe form into a facebook page!

1. Contact launchbox to get your subscribe form in HTML.

2. Once you have the subscribe form, log into your facebook account and click this link:, then click the “Add Static HTML to a Page” button.

3. Then click the button to “Add Page Tab” and then click the green “Set Up Tab” button.

4. Next you will be presented with a field for you to enter in the Subscribe form that we have sent you.  Don’t worry if you get a message about insecure URLs…. It will still work.  Once you are done entering in the Subscribe form code, click the blue Save & Publish button.  Then, if you want you can see the form by clicking the “View on Facebook” link at the top of the page.

5. Lastly you will want to change the name of the tab from “Welcome” to “Subscribe”. Select “Actions” from the main menu and then “Edit Name and Image”.  Fill in like below.

6. That is it!  To view your subscribe form the way someone else would, click the “View tab as a visitor” button.  To edit the tab some more click on the “Edit Tab” button.


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