How do I create a One-Off e-Newsletter? (Create an e-newsletter to send to a specific mailing list.)

If you want to create an e-newsletter and send it to specific group of people (rather than your whole mailing list) you can use the One-Off e-Newsletter to easily complete this task.

*** If at any point in the process below you stop and don’t proceed to the next step, after step 1, you can pick up where you left off and continue in the usual way in the software.  For example, let’s say you created a new list and created your e-newsletter, but stopped before the point where you added in subscribers… To add subscribers you would go to the “Add Subscribers” page, fill in that page as usual, and then select the new mailing list you created.  And then send out your email as usual.

To send out a One-Off e-Newsletter, follow these steps….

1. Go to Manage Messages > Create One-Off Newsletter

2. Select whether you want to “Create a New List” or “Select to an Existing List”.  If you select the new list, all of the subscribers you import will be on a new stand alone list. Select an existing list if you want to add people to a previously created one off e-newsletter.

3. Enter an e-Newsletter Name. Select a name that is descriptive so that you will be able to identify the list easier in the future… but something you won’t mind your subscribers seeing.

4. Click the “Next” button.

5. On the next screen choose whether to Copy an Existing Newsletter or Create a New One.

Please note: If you have a template, your template will automatically be entered in for you to use if you Create a New Newsletter.  As with creating new regular newsletters it is always better to use a fresh template than copy an existing email.

6. Click “Next”

7. In Newsletter Properties, put in the subject for your e-newsletter in both the Newsletter Description/Campaign Name field and the Email Subject field.

8. Click “Next”

9.  Now edit your e-Newsletter templates, HTML and Text, just as you usually would.

10. Click “Next”

11.  Next add your bulk list of subscribers… choose the “email separator” – this is the character, space, carriage return, etc. that separates each of the email addresses….

For example:

If your emails are each on their own line, then select “Carriage Return”. ie.

If your list of emails have a semicolon between each email address (; email@address.two) then choose “semicolon”.

12. In the text box, enter your list of email addresses.

13. Click the “Import Subscribers” button.

14. On the confirmation screen, click the Proceed To Send Email Page, and send your email as normal.

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