How do I add images to my email?

To add images to an e-Newsletter, you must first make sure that the image is the right size and saved in a web format. In order to do this you will need to modify the images in image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Preview (Mac), etc. If you do not have an image editor, Pixlr or Phixr are great FREE online editors.

Please note when you are saving the image, each image size should be no larger than 70Kb (and smaller is better) to ensure that download time is reasonable and you are not having folks download really big files to their mobile devices while eating up their bandwidth.  Please note: The maximum file size of an image that can be uploaded to your e-newsletter is 256 kb.

Once your image is the correct size and format, follow these steps to put it in your e-newsletter in the HTML editor:

  1. Place your cursor where you want the image to appear in your email.  If you want the image to appear to the right or the left of your text, put the cursor on the at the beginning of the line where you want the image to be placed, (You will change the left/right alignment in step 3 below).  If you are using a template with an image in place, simply delete the image.
  2. Click the “Insert Image” button. A new dialogue box will appear.
  3. In the dialogue box, to upload an image, click the “upload” button (highlighted in red above) and then browse and select the image. You will get a message the the image uploaded successfully. Or if you have already uploaded the image, just select it from the left hand pane.
  4. Change Alignment of the Image (Optional):  If you would like the image to appear on the right of the text, change “Alignment” to “Right” in the area highlighted in blue above. Likewise if you want the image to appear to the left of the text change “Alignment” to “Left”.  If you would like to center the image, click here to learn how.
  5. Change size of the image (Optional): If you would like to make the image smaller, you can adjust the width and height.  By default the image proportions are constrained (ie. will scale them together), but unchecking the Constrain Proportions checkbox will allow you to set the width and height separately.  Please note that you can make an image smaller, but making the image larger won’t work with this method and will just make the image fuzzy/unclear.  To make the image larger, use image editing software like Photoshop or Phixr.
  6. Add padding (spacing) around the Image (Optional):   If you want space between your image and your text, change the horizontal and/or vertical spacing in the area highlighted in green above.  A horizontal spacing of “20” will put 10 pixels to the left and the right of your image.  Likewise a vertical spacing of “20” will put 10 pixels above and below your image.
  7. Click the “Insert” button when you are done and the image will appear in your email.


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