How do I add a new mailing list?

 If you want to add a new mailing list, follow these steps:

1. Go to System Admin > Email Lists > View/Edit Email Lists

2. Click copy beside one of the e-Newsletters… This will pre-populate some of the fields (eg. will copy in your template) making it easier for you to fill the form in.

3. Name: Add in the name of the newsletter.  Choose something descriptive for you that you won’t mind your subscribers seeing.

4. Optional Grouping Text: Add in Optional Grouping Text if you want to group a few email lists together under one heading.

5. Description: You can add a description if you want, it is optional.

6. Frequency: You can change the frequency if you want, it is optional

7. Public-Private List: Select if your list is Public, Private or Semi Private – If set to Public, this list is available to all members when managing their subscriptions.  If set to Private, this list is not available to subscribers.  This is useful for internal mailing lists.  Semi-private lists are those that a subscriber can see only if they are subscribed to that list.  For example, when a subscriber goes to update their subscriptions, if they do not belong to the list marked as semi-private the list is not displayed, if they do belong it is displayed so they have the option to remove themselves.

​8. Auto-Response: If you want an email to be sent out auto-response to your group when a subscriber subscribes, make your selection here.

​9. Default Name/From Email and Reply to:  All of these will be pulled from your preferences. If you want to change them you can do so here.

10. Character Set:  leave as is.

11. Select any Subscribers:  If you want to pull in subscribers from another list into the new list, you can check off the lists here.

12. Templates/HTML and Text Messages: If you want to make any changes to your templates you can do so here.

13.  Custom Messages: These are the messages that someone sees when they subscribe, unsubscribe etc.  Usually you will want to use the default custom messages so leave this option unchecked.

14. Click the “Add New Newsletter List” button.

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