How do I send a single email?

To send out a single email, follow these steps:  (Please note: Sending to an individual this way will not log the email in the ‘send history’, but will still collect the email statistics – clicks, views, etc.) In the EMS software, select from the pull-down menu “Manage Messages | Send […]

Help! My e-newsletter isn’t saving

If your e-newsletter isn’t saving, there are a couple things could be causing this issue… 1.  Having a second tab/browser open with another eNewsletter editor.  Because of the auto save functionality, having two editors open can cause one to overwrite the other. 2. Using another browser other than Firefox. We […]

How do I see how many people are getting my emails?

There are a few different ways of getting this information… A good way to get a good picture of what is happening with your list is to look at the bounces (emails that are not making it to the person’s inbox).  For more info about what bounces are and the […]

How do I get a full report emailed to me automatically?

To have the full Executive Report automatically emailed to you, in the footer of the EMS software click the “Update Account” link.  At the bottom of the page you will find a section that contains the “Executive Report Email Options”. Fill in the form specifying that you want the Executive […]

How do I see how many subscribers have subscribed?

To view the number of subscribers that subscribed during a specific period, follow these steps: In the EMS System, select the pull-down menus “Reports | Subscription Reports | New Subscribers by Date“. Fill in the form as required. Click “View Report“. Tip! Select “Report Format as HTML” if you want […]

How do I STOP an email from going out to my subscribers?

Once you have sent your email, you can stop it going out to your subscribers by going to Manage Messages > View Queued Emails > Normal Scheduled Emails (or Recurring Emails.) and delete the email from the Queue. If you don’t see the email in the Queue it means that […]